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Re: [TCLUG:4813] Linux/Wimp95 question


If Windoze and Linux will share the same harddrive, you will need to
create a LILO boot floppy with your current boot configuration (if you
want to preserve your LINUX installation).  When you (re)install
Windoze 9x, it rewrites the master boot record (mbr).  This is a bad
thing if you have not created your Linux (LILO) boot disk...  You
would have just created a lot more work for yourself.  (I remember
being so frustrated that I just trashed the whole drive and installed
Windoze first.)

If you're using two separate drives, it becomes a much easier
solution...  Simply open up your machine and unplug the HD that houses
Linux.  Set the jumper on the remaining harddrive to Master and go
about your normal Windoze install.