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Linux/Wimp95 question

Hi all.  I have yet another....

I have a system that has on it both RH5.1 and Wimpdoze 95.  I have LILO 
running and everything functions as I want it to (more or less).  The 
problem:  Windy-os sucks, but I unfortunately need it to run my games.  
Since it has been so long since it was installed, WinLose has slowed down, 
it takes forever to boot, and just plain sucks.  To resolve this, I'm going 
to just format the drive and reinstall <shudder> Wince-dows 95/98.  My 
question is this:  can I reformat and reinstall W95 without messing 
up/changing the Linux and LILO setups, or should I redo the whole shebang 
all at once?  I can if I need to, as I'm going to be reinstalling Linux on 
this machine anyway.  But I'd like to have it set up before I get rid of 
all the stuff that I'm currently using in Win-Do'hs.  The goal here is to 
set this system up so I only have to boot Wind-rows to play games.  Any 
thoughts, suggestions, or incantations?

As always, Thanks,

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