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Re: RE: [TCLUG:4760] sharing a monitor


If I am not mistaken, this is the same KVM switch I bought from CDW
(I saw it at the Roseville CompUSA for ~$200 around Christmas time). I
like this switch alot. So much I put up a page dedicated to it:

talk about too much time on my hands...


>>> "Neal Tovsen" <> 03/16 3:58 PM >>>
We just bought a 4-port monitor/keyboard/mouse switch from CompUSA
for work.
It was made by Belkin, but I don't remember the model number. It was
$175 or something. It even had emulation, which means that you could
one computer while looking at another. On the really cheap systems,
if you
don't have the switch set to the computer while it's rebooting, it
will give
you a keyboard error.

It seems to be a pretty quality unit for home use. I know that most
of the
good ones for hard-core server racks are ~$350+...


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> From: Eric Hillman [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 12:04 PM
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> Subject: RE: [TCLUG:4760] sharing a monitor
> > Now that you mention it, I've got two RH5.2 machines and would
like to
> > share a monitor between them. If it's not to expensive, I'ld
> like to share
> > a mouse and keyboard also. It would be great to clear some space
on my
> > bench. The machines have identical video display cards, I don't
know if
> > that affects anything. I haven't even begun to research this
> issue so you
> > would be accurate in assuming that I am completely ignorant. If
> you've got
> > URLs for reading material, please forward them.
> >
> 	Apex ( manufactures switches that handle
> 4-16 machines on a
> single mouse, monitor and keyboard.  They handle PS/2 extremely
well.  You
> can even tier the switches, so you can scale to a nearly
> unlimited number of
> systems.  They are not especially cheap, however -- entry-level is
> $495.  Of course, if you've got 3 computers, then the savings on 2
> monitors make it pretty reasonable.
> 	Of course, what I do is just run everything via X from one
> PC -- pretty
> much the only time I actually ever touch the keyboard of a server
is when
> I'm rebooting it (once or twice a year, say.)
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