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Two install questions

I don't know if I mentioned that I got my installation to work--what I
finally ended up doing was reformatting the whole disk, putting the first 7
MB into a windows primary partition, making 3 more primary drives (one for
/boot, one for swap, and then the rest for /) for linux.  After adding the
/boot partition under the first 1024 cylinders, it let me make / as large as
I wanted.

BUT--my friend, who also has a 13 gig drive, is trying to do the same thing
and has run into problems.  Linux doesn't recognize that his hard drive has
more than 1024 cylinders at all.  This is different from my earlier
problem--when I went into fdisk in linux on my computer I could create a
partition that was larger than the 1024th cylinder, but just not in a way
that was usable.  Here, fdisk doesn't even try.

Has anybody had this problem?  Does anybody know of a solution?

Also, if he can't get this worked out, he wants to get rid of lilo.  I know
he has to reformat the mbr, but I can't remember how to do that.  Any help