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Re: [TCLUG:4760] sharing a monitor

Using ssh on your firewall is a must!  Well.. if you plan on connecting
from the outside that is...  If you want to connect to your workstation
from, say, your place of employment, or school or something, you're going
to have to go through your firewall first.  It's kind of a pain, but it's
secure.  You definitely *do not* want any passwords that provide access to
your firewall floating around the Net is plain-text! (which is what X
querying and telneting and ftping do).

Hope this helps,


Gabe Turner <>       
U of MN Csci/IT Systems Staff
Systems Staff Manager - ACM @ U of MN

"Blood is life and it shall be all ours!" -Dimmu Borgir "The Night Masquerade"

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999, rtp wrote:

> X looks like the solution. I am running a scenario which in a sense is a mirror of
> what Eric Hillman is doing at home; DSL-scheduled for installation at the end of
> March, gateway-IPmasq, several machines running behind the gateway on a LAN. I intend
> to administrate the server from my personal workstation which is on the lan and don't
> foresee any reason for anyone else to run remote X sessions. With that scenario, do
> you recommend Xauth or should I use ssh? If the X session was running over the
> internet I'ld think ssh would be mandatory but if a user from my domain is able to
> compromise the security I'll give them a gold star.
> ron parker
> Eric Hillman wrote:
> > > Now that you mention it, I've got two RH5.2 machines and would like to
> > > share a monitor between them. If it's not to expensive, I'ld like to share
> > > a mouse and keyboard also. It would be great to clear some space on my
> > > bench. The machines have identical video display cards, I don't know if
> > > that affects anything. I haven't even begun to research this issue so you
> > > would be accurate in assuming that I am completely ignorant. If you've got
> > > URLs for reading material, please forward them.
> > >
> >
> >         Apex ( manufactures switches that handle 4-16 machines on a
> > single mouse, monitor and keyboard.  They handle PS/2 extremely well.  You
> > can even tier the switches, so you can scale to a nearly unlimited number of
> > systems.  They are not especially cheap, however -- entry-level is about
> > $495.  Of course, if you've got 3 computers, then the savings on 2 fewer
> > monitors make it pretty reasonable.
> >
> >         Of course, what I do is just run everything via X from one PC -- pretty
> > much the only time I actually ever touch the keyboard of a server is when
> > I'm rebooting it (once or twice a year, say.)
> >
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