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Re: [TCLUG:4760] sharing a monitor

X looks like the solution. I am running a scenario which in a sense is a mirror of
what Eric Hillman is doing at home; DSL-scheduled for installation at the end of
March, gateway-IPmasq, several machines running behind the gateway on a LAN. I intend
to administrate the server from my personal workstation which is on the lan and don't
foresee any reason for anyone else to run remote X sessions. With that scenario, do
you recommend Xauth or should I use ssh? If the X session was running over the
internet I'ld think ssh would be mandatory but if a user from my domain is able to
compromise the security I'll give them a gold star.

ron parker

Eric Hillman wrote:

> > Now that you mention it, I've got two RH5.2 machines and would like to
> > share a monitor between them. If it's not to expensive, I'ld like to share
> > a mouse and keyboard also. It would be great to clear some space on my
> > bench. The machines have identical video display cards, I don't know if
> > that affects anything. I haven't even begun to research this issue so you
> > would be accurate in assuming that I am completely ignorant. If you've got
> > URLs for reading material, please forward them.
> >
>         Apex ( manufactures switches that handle 4-16 machines on a
> single mouse, monitor and keyboard.  They handle PS/2 extremely well.  You
> can even tier the switches, so you can scale to a nearly unlimited number of
> systems.  They are not especially cheap, however -- entry-level is about
> $495.  Of course, if you've got 3 computers, then the savings on 2 fewer
> monitors make it pretty reasonable.
>         Of course, what I do is just run everything via X from one PC -- pretty
> much the only time I actually ever touch the keyboard of a server is when
> I'm rebooting it (once or twice a year, say.)
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