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I was just wondering...I have a friend who would love to use Linux if I could just get xmame working with "Blasteroids" among other games.  I downloaded and installed xmame but there aren't any ROMs I can find.  It appears that people are afraid of violating copyrights...yeah like that ever stopped anybody from copying videotapes and whatnot...anybody have any suggestions?

Also I was curious what the diff between Netscape-Communicator 4.08 and 4.51 is.  I recently installed 4.51 but I noticed that Starbuck has 4.08...I wonder why they would retreat to an earlier version...I did notice that 4.51 seems to lock up on specific web pages (the example I found was but other than that it's pretty nice...

"...the film is every bit as dauntingly abstract in its spasmodic hyperrealism..."
- Howard Hampton describing the movie "The Blade"