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Re: [TCLUG:4936] routing

> This is my network server and I don't have any problems connecting.  I'm
> not sure, but I think telnet looks at /etc/hosts.  You may want to make
> sure that you have all your machines listed in each others hosts files.

This is (kind of, sort of) my other thought.  Serge's tcp_wrappers
and/or telnetd are probably trying to do reverse-DNS lookups on the
192.168.1.x addresses.  There _should_ be an option for tcpd and telnetd
to only use the numerical addresses..  Adding hosts to the /etc/hosts
file _might_ fix this, but I'm not entirely sure.  If not, the best
option would probably to set up BIND on one machine and set it up for
reverse lookups on the 192.168.1.x addresses.

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