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Re: [TCLUG:4947] Really tough install. Serious help needed.

Read the Linux-NT-(something else) HOWTO.
I installed NT on my machine once, and it booted 
linux just fine (but not Windows 95, oh well :)

The howto mentions a program that sets up a boot
manager menu for NT.  It also explains a briefly
how the booter works.  You shouldn't have too much
trouble getting NT to boot linux.

Leave LILO on hdb3, and point the NT booter to


--- Chris Schumann <> wrote:
> I want to boot linux from my hard drive using NT's
> bootloader. It should
> be easy, but here's the rub: My linux partitions are
> all past cylinder
> 1024, and on the second drive.
> hda - 2.1GB
>  hda1 - 2.1GB FAT16 partition with NT MBR and win95
> hdb - 8.4GB
>  hdb1 - 4.2GB NTFS
>  hdb2 - 100MB linux swap
>  hdb3 - 2.0GB linux native, mounted as /
> My BIOS is supposed to use drives up to 8.4GB in
> size. It can be set to
> use large drives in "DOS" mode, or "Other". In DOS
> mode, my 8.4GB drive
> has 1024 cylinders and 255 heads, but something (NT
> maybe) didn't like
> that. In Other mode, the drive has over 16000
> cylinders and 16 heads. This
> is the mode it's in now.
> NT bootloader needs a boot sector, but RedHat's
> install program will not
> put lilo on hdb3, so there is no boot sector. I can
> boot from floppy, but
> then the kernel is there, too. Unacceptable for when
> I want to upgrade my
> kernel.
> How can I get this to work? re-write the LILO boot
> sector? (Hey, it is
> only 446 bytes, right? :)
> Chris Schumann <>
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