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Really tough install. Serious help needed.

I want to boot linux from my hard drive using NT's bootloader. It should
be easy, but here's the rub: My linux partitions are all past cylinder
1024, and on the second drive.

hda - 2.1GB
 hda1 - 2.1GB FAT16 partition with NT MBR and win95

hdb - 8.4GB
 hdb1 - 4.2GB NTFS
 hdb2 - 100MB linux swap
 hdb3 - 2.0GB linux native, mounted as /

My BIOS is supposed to use drives up to 8.4GB in size. It can be set to
use large drives in "DOS" mode, or "Other". In DOS mode, my 8.4GB drive
has 1024 cylinders and 255 heads, but something (NT maybe) didn't like
that. In Other mode, the drive has over 16000 cylinders and 16 heads. This
is the mode it's in now.

NT bootloader needs a boot sector, but RedHat's install program will not
put lilo on hdb3, so there is no boot sector. I can boot from floppy, but
then the kernel is there, too. Unacceptable for when I want to upgrade my

How can I get this to work? re-write the LILO boot sector? (Hey, it is
only 446 bytes, right? :)

Chris Schumann <>