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RE: [TCLUG:4895] Linux vs. Darwin (Mac OS-X)

> Isn't the MacOS "X" server just another competitor to XFree86? :-)
> Before you retaliate; this IS a joke!
> Peter Lukas

Actually, I was just reading that one of the core differences between
"Darwin" and "Mac OSX" is that Darwin doesn't come with a GUI! According to
Jobs it is still a "full-featured modern operating system." Heck, many *nix
server gurus don't run X, but if you're not going to get the Mac interface,
why use a Mac OS? I guess Apple didn't want to give away their greatest
triumph (the Mac interface) just yet, which is understandable. The $599 also
gets you the formerly-NEXT Web Objects development environment, among a few
other things...

I guess if I was going to pay $3000 for a G3 to run it, I'd pay the $600 for
the full monty OS.