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Re: [TCLUG:4962] 100bT problem

It may actually be the card's fault and not linux, as I had a similar
problem when I moved a 3C905b over to 100BT.  In my case it was a new
100BT hub and I had to fight with the card's DOS utilities floppy to force
it to recognize the media.  After setting it in 100BT only mode it worked.
Oddly enough when I later changed it back to autosensing mode it
correctley recognized the media.  Unfortunately it means having to boot
into DOS :(

Another thing about these cards:  I've found them easier to install under
linux than under Win98!  When I rebuilt/reinstalled a dual-boot machine I
fought for hours with the installation of the card-Windows would recognize
it during the install and would promptly insist it didn't exist after the
reboot.  With linux I simply booted the machine, recompiled the kernel,
rebooted the machine, and Bam!  Instantly worked.  I tell you, we owe the
driver hackers out there a lot. 

Jim Raney

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On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Eric Hillman wrote:

>   I have  a RedHat server here with a 3com 3c9x5 10/100 card in it (I think
> it's a "Fast EtherLink XL", but Linux treats it as a 3c9x5 Vortex/Boomerang
> card).  It had been connected to a 10bT hub, but we recently moved it to a
> Baystack 350 Autosense switch, which runs 100bT.
>    When the system is booted, the switch detects the card as 100bT, full
> duplex.  However, once Linux initializes the network, it suddenly drops the
> connection altogether.  rebooting the switch or moving the cable to a
> different port brings the system online at 10bT, half-duplex.
>    The kernel is 2.0.36-1.  3c9x5 support is included as a module, and seems
> like it ought to work at high speeds.  A similar system, running Caldera,
> runs the same card perfectly fine, but I can't spot what's different.  I'm
> thinking I may need to reconfigure the switch, but thought I'd see if
> anybody here can think of something else I might be missing.
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> Eric Hillman
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