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Re: [TCLUG:4962] 100bT problem

This is a problem of both the autosensing 10/100 port and the 905b.
You'll need to force the port to whatever you're after (100FD, etc) and
force the card (it's in the documentation).  Ironically, this is
especially troublesome when you're running a 3Com 905B and a 3Com
SuperStack II switch.  Forcing both the port and the adapter to the same
setting should make everything a-ok.

Peter Lukas

On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, James Raney wrote:

> It may actually be the card's fault and not linux, as I had a similar
> problem when I moved a 3C905b over to 100BT.  In my case it was a new
> 100BT hub and I had to fight with the card's DOS utilities floppy to force
> it to recognize the media.  After setting it in 100BT only mode it worked.
> Oddly enough when I later changed it back to autosensing mode it
> correctley recognized the media.  Unfortunately it means having to boot
> into DOS :(
> Another thing about these cards:  I've found them easier to install under
> linux than under Win98!  When I rebuilt/reinstalled a dual-boot machine I
> fought for hours with the installation of the card-Windows would recognize
> it during the install and would promptly insist it didn't exist after the
> reboot.  With linux I simply booted the machine, recompiled the kernel,
> rebooted the machine, and Bam!  Instantly worked.  I tell you, we owe the
> driver hackers out there a lot. 
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> Jim Raney
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> On Thu, 25 Mar 1999, Eric Hillman wrote:
> >   I have  a RedHat server here with a 3com 3c9x5 10/100 card in it (I think
> > it's a "Fast EtherLink XL", but Linux treats it as a 3c9x5 Vortex/Boomerang
> > card).  It had been connected to a 10bT hub, but we recently moved it to a
> > Baystack 350 Autosense switch, which runs 100bT.
> > 
> >    When the system is booted, the switch detects the card as 100bT, full
> > duplex.  However, once Linux initializes the network, it suddenly drops the
> > connection altogether.  rebooting the switch or moving the cable to a
> > different port brings the system online at 10bT, half-duplex.
> > 
> >    The kernel is 2.0.36-1.  3c9x5 support is included as a module, and seems
> > like it ought to work at high speeds.  A similar system, running Caldera,
> > runs the same card perfectly fine, but I can't spot what's different.  I'm
> > thinking I may need to reconfigure the switch, but thought I'd see if
> > anybody here can think of something else I might be missing.
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