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Re: [TCLUG:4957] quick ext2 question

Hello all:

Luke Francl <> wrote:

> From: Luke Francl <>
> To: Twin Cities Linux Users Group <>
> Subject: [TCLUG:4957] quick ext2 question
> Hey guys, here's a quickie for ya....What's the maximum size of an ext2
> partition? How about the maximum _recommmended_ size? 

I wasn't able to find this documented anywhere in a truly convincing
fashion, but the answer seems to be a maximum of about 4 terabytes,
that is, four thousand gigabytes (!).  Not likely to be a concern for
me in the immediate future.  But then again, I recall a time not too
long ago when an 80 Mb hard drive seemed infinite!

No figures were available on the *recommended* size; I understand this
number is usually decided by the dimensions of your backup media.  Maybe
a few gigabytes (?).