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Re: [TCLUG:4990] Compiling the 2.2.4 kernel

Mike Glaser wrote:
> Noted as required (among other packages) are the following libraries:
> Linux libc5 C library	v 5.4.46
> Linux libc6 C Library	v 2.0.7pre6
> Linux C++ Library
> I appear to have the correct version of the C++ lib but only 2.0.7 of 
> libc6 and I could not find any reference to libc5 on my system. 
> Actually I have a number of systems between the office and home that 
> I am setting up. All are RedHat 5.1 with the exception of one that is 
> RedHat 5.2.

If you're running 5.1 you shouldn't have to worry. 2.0.7pre6 means 
pre-release 6 of version 2.0.7. If you only have 2.0.7 then you have the
final release of version 2.0.7 and don't have to worry. You should have
the libc5 libraries as well. Try 

locate libc|more

this should tell you if you have libc5. Although if it's not there don't
worry about it. I don't think you need it unless you plan to make binaries
linking libc5 instead of glibc.

> I also have a QUE book on linux that came with a few cd's. I was 
> hoping to try installing Star Office, but the book indicated that 
> libc5 v 5.4.xx was required. I don't think I have it.

If you have the bandwidth get StarOffice 5.0. It uses glibc. Otherwise,
you could try putting the path to your libc5 libraries (that you hopefully
found using locate) in /etc/ and then running 

ldconfig -v

then StarOffice will be able to see the runtime libc5 libraries and you
shouldn't get any errors. I've ever tried this myself but it should work
if I understand shared libraries as much as I think I do. :)

Good luck.


Hans D Umhoefer (