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Compiling the 2.2.4 kernel

I was hoping to take my first stab at compiling my own kernel and I 
find I am a bit lost before I even get started. I downloaded the 
'linux-2_2_4_tar.gz' kernel and decompressed it and then proceeded to 
check out the README file inside it. As I was going down the list of 
minimum requirements needed before compiling the kernel I ran into a 
bit of trouble.

Noted as required (among other packages) are the following libraries:

Linux libc5 C library	v 5.4.46
Linux libc6 C Library	v 2.0.7pre6
Linux C++ Library

I appear to have the correct version of the C++ lib but only 2.0.7 of 
libc6 and I could not find any reference to libc5 on my system. 
Actually I have a number of systems between the office and home that 
I am setting up. All are RedHat 5.1 with the exception of one that is 
RedHat 5.2.

I have not been able to come across any rpm's for the proper versions 
of these packages on the RedHat site or its mirrors. I have found the 
libraries in tar.gz format from misc. servers though. Also, I found a 
RedHat directory that seemed to have rpms needed when upgrading to 
the 2.2 kernel but there didn't seem to be anything for the libraries.

So.....  do I really need all three packages installed? I confess I 
have little understanding of how they are used. Can they even coexist 
together?? How do I get them configured correctly?

I also have a QUE book on linux that came with a few cd's. I was 
hoping to try installing Star Office, but the book indicated that 
libc5 v 5.4.xx was required. I don't think I have it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mike Glaser