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Warning to all, initscripts-1.78-1.MSO which was on the ftp site of a
tclug member who posted security updates for rh5.2 via rpm (forget the
url) is broken (or at least failed on my rh5.2 system). It causes the
computer to fail to display /etc/issue on the monitor and not allow any
keyboard commands (just echos on the screen). You can telnet in, but no
matter how many processes you kill, you never get local control back. You
can boot into single and rpm the original initscripts (or via telnet) and
everything works again.

Ben Luey
ICQ: 19144397

Modern computerized word processing enables us, both as individuals and as a
cohesive societal entity, to exponentially enhance and aggrandize the 
parameters, both qualitative and quantitative, not to mention paradigmatic, of 
out communicative conceptualizations because now we can spell great big words
correctly without having a clue what they mean.  -- Dave Barry