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Re: [TCLUG:5718] initscripts-1.78-1.MS0

Actually, if you'd read the notes for that particular package, you'd
notice that it is needed by the linux_logo package.  "linux_logo" contains
its own mods to /etc/issue for a nice looking login prompt.  Also, using
ctrl+alt+f<x> (x being 1-7), you'd be able to change to the next vitrual
console.  This too can be undone by looking at /etc/inittab (also part of
this package).  The package didn't break your system, it just turned VC1
into a logging terminal, VC6 into a login terminal and left all others
disabled (for security purposes).

Peter Lukas

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Ben Luey wrote:

> Warning to all, initscripts-1.78-1.MSO which was on the ftp site of a
> tclug member who posted security updates for rh5.2 via rpm (forget the
> url) is broken (or at least failed on my rh5.2 system). It causes the
> computer to fail to display /etc/issue on the monitor and not allow any
> keyboard commands (just echos on the screen). You can telnet in, but no
> matter how many processes you kill, you never get local control back. You
> can boot into single and rpm the original initscripts (or via telnet) and
> everything works again.
> Ben Luey
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