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RE: [TCLUG:5721] ADSL, servers, etc.

I got at work (with 6 fixed ips) and I'm running 1 NT server with
HTTP, FTP, PPTP, and some others, two freeBSD boxes with Apache servers on
both.  I have been able to access services on all machines, but USWEST would
only allow us to reg one domain for all our IPs using their DNS servers, so
we can run a company website, but can't host a friend or sell space to
anyone.  I have had no bandwidth problems whatsoever, we get about 20 hits a
week on the website so the connect isn't being abused or anything, the ftp
servers and the PPTP server are used just for a few employees to work at
home, so they don't bog the connection down either.

Dan Willenbring

P.S. I don't work for USWEST, it took 4 months for them to put the line in,
and their support has a reputation for... well not being the best :-)

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Sent: Saturday, May 01, 1999 2:57 AM
Subject: [TCLUG:5721] ADSL, servers, etc.

Back on the subject of ADSL, does any TC area ISP allow a person to run
a server on an ADSL line? I'm able to run a httpd server, but the only
other remote access that I have to my system (which is static-IP, BTW)
is via rlogin -- no ftp, no telnet/ssh, nothing else (I'm with Is there in the Cities an ISP that offers DSL and is
fairly permissive as far as assuming that customers know what they're
doing? I realize that the reasons for not allowing servers at what are
after all _client_ lines are both security- as well as
bandwidth-related. Still, if any of you know of a more permissive ISP in
the area (or if you are such an ISP and would like to make a sales pitch
:), speak up!

Dan Debertin

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