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ADSL, servers, etc.

Back on the subject of ADSL, does any TC area ISP allow a person to run
a server on an ADSL line? I'm able to run a httpd server, but the only
other remote access that I have to my system (which is static-IP, BTW)
is via rlogin -- no ftp, no telnet/ssh, nothing else (I'm with Is there in the Cities an ISP that offers DSL and is
fairly permissive as far as assuming that customers know what they're
doing? I realize that the reasons for not allowing servers at what are
after all _client_ lines are both security- as well as
bandwidth-related. Still, if any of you know of a more permissive ISP in
the area (or if you are such an ISP and would like to make a sales pitch
:), speak up!

Dan Debertin