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Re: [TCLUG:5689] GUI email apps

On Fri, 30 Apr 1999, Nathan Ahlstrom wrote:

> > Well, I use Pine at work, but I only get a dozen or so mails
> > there per day.  Can you go back & forth between mutt and exmh2? 
> > Do they use the same folder format?  Are most unix mail programs
> > interchangeable like this?
> No.  exmh2 uses the mh mail directory format.  Pine, mutt, and elm, use the
> mbox format.  There are converters available, but switching back and forth
> is not convenient nor particularly easy.

Your better off doing what I do between Microsoft Outlook, IMP (Web based
IMAP messaging client (, and Pine.  Run IMAP. :)

I use IMAP and procmail to have several folders that I can sort about and
check my mail from anywhere.  Bonuses are that I can use my mail from any
computer and check the old and the new stuff and check folders (such as
this tclug folder), and its just-so-friggin-neat. :) 

Who said email cant be cross-platform when your trying to share folders.

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