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Re: [TCLUG:5790] Score one for Linux!!

"Serge M. Egelman" wrote:

> so then couldn't you just have a script that sends a ping packet every 20
> minutes or so to keep the connection alive?  Is there anything that you need to
> do to save the extra $100?
> serge

That used to be a problem when uswest charged for time used on the isdn line
(typically you got 200 hours per channel), but I believe in january or february
time frame they eliminated the metered isdn service and brought the price of
unmetered down to around $70.

I don't know how visi would feel about you doing that, but you'd probably have to
ping more in the several times a minute range.  I am not sure what the time out is
for isdn, but since it connects very fast I would imagine the timeout is very