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RE: Re: [TCLUG:5823] Partition Magic Question

the only way that i have ever used pm is to make it's bootdisk.  then i use that to 
boot an ntfs drive to kill the partition, or ever create a new one.  when you run the 
install( remember-i've only used it a few times at work on m$ os's) it asks you if 
you want to make the boot disk.  then you can choose no or cancel or something 
for the rest.  the attachment i'm sending is a lsting of the files on the bootdisk.( 
output of attrib)

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>If I remember correctly, there is a text mode called "pqmagict.exe" or
>That should fit on a disk, however, I'm not sure if it need other
>files with it...
>Something to investigate...
>Scott K. Johnson
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>From: Bob Nolte <>
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>Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 4:26 PM
>Subject: [TCLUG:5823] Partition Magic Question
>>I have a number of computer that need to have the relative sizes of
>>disk partitions changed. I notice that there are 2 versions of
>>Magic, the single computer version and the Pro version for unlimited
>>My questions is, do I need to by the pro version when all I want to
>do is
>>change partition size? I don't want to leave it on each computer as a
>>manager, etc.
>>Also, I would hope that PM is useable from a diskette similar to
>Fdisk. Is
>>this correct?
>>I would appreciate some insight from anyone who is fimiliar with
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