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Dell 133 with RedHat 5.2 onsale

I have a dell dimension 133Mhz. Asking $270 of BO

 It has:
1. 64M RAM (2 of them are NEW NEC 16MB SIMM)
2. SoundBlaster16 Soundcard.
3. USRobotic28.8K modem
4. 2M S3 video card.
5. 133Mhz CPU.
6. 2G Westen Digital hard drive.
8.Minitower case
9. All the original documents
10. Dell Quite Key board
12. Microsoft Mouse.

Monitor is not included.

This was PC Magazine 96 editors choice.

Installing RH5.2 on it is really easy. RH5.2 would find every card and
automatically config them. The total installation time was be less than 15
min. Every cards will work.

Currently, it is dual boot with Windows 98 and RH5.2, In Windows, the
followng software are installed: Office 97, IE5.0. Quake 2 demo, Quake demo.
and NetZero free internet access (24*7)

If you want to buy it, I will install the software and config the Hard Drive
partition as you wish.


Nan Tu
or call (leave a message) 6516441525