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Re: [TCLUG:5789] secure http apache and certificates

The RedHat secure server is just the apache server with SSL enabled
in it.  I downloaded the SSL part of it from and and recompiled the apache webserver. You can get
a link to the apache-ssl from

The build and install was painless. It was the configuration of the
keys and certificate which took me a while to understand. But I am
glad I spent the time trying to figure it out !  The steps on what
to do are clearly spelled out at

You can get RPMS for the RedHat version, I had to install it on a
FreeBSD system hence the "build" part.

I got free certificate to test it out from There are
instrucutions there too on how to setup the certificates and keys and
other SSL related stuff.

Next is the credit card. I got some references from Chris which
look pretty good. Haven't had the chance to do any research on them


ron parker wrote:
> I also need to run a secure server. I've seen Red Hat distributes a Secure
> Server and have thought about looking at that. Anyone tried it? I wouldn't
> mind trying something that doesn't take me a week to figure out. :) If Red
> Hat's Secure Server thing is the pain free answer then I am there.
> wrote:
> > Hi, Is there a good howto which deals with how to setup a web site
> > with https and "configure certificates".
> >
> > I would like to know how to setup a web site that can accept information
> > like credit cards and other private information.  I come across a lot
> > of sites that have the https and the little lock showing up in netscape
> > but when I look at the "Page Info" the
> > "Security" field still says "Status unknown".
> >
> > But then on some sites the Security Field contains a lot of information
> > that kind of makes me feel safe ;-).
> >
> > So how do I go about doing the latter ?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > sandipan
> >
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