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[TCLUG:5899] Replacing apache...rpm with apache source build.

I would bet that your original build was built with prefix=/usr.  You do not have to worry about overwriting it with apache's default of prefix=/usr/local.  

Out of the box, apache is confiugred to listen on port 8080, and https on port 8443, which you will want to change to 80 and 443 when you do your switchover.  It sounds like you are on the right track!  I would suggest spending much time poking around the openssl and mod_ssl sites (, before compiling everything.  I would also look at mod_perl if you run lots of perl CGI scripts.

Good Luck.


>I need some help understanding the correct procedure for replacing an
>existing rpm install with  apache_1.3.6.tar.gz. I have a web with some
>~/user webs that are being served and don't want to pull these down
>until I've got the new server configured and working.
>Is it feasible to have both versions installed without creating a
>nightmare. I know this question is terribly general but it's all pretty
>new to me. I guess if they both share the same directory tree then it's
>not possible because I would have to overwrite existing files. I intend
>to install the source to /usr/local/ so I am hopeful that the entire
>directory tree will follow suit under usr/local.
>The reason I am doing this is because I need to build a secure server
>and it appears to me that once the source is built, it will be easier to
>deal with adding modules to the source build than to the rpm. At least
>I've been able to find help files that refer to working with source
>configurations. Maybe I am in the weeds on this thought. If anyone has
>some URLs for me to check, please fire them my way.