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Re: [TCLUG:5899] Replacing apache...rpm with apache source build.

The apache_1.3.6 source that you have I think is configured to install
everything under /usr/local/apache/. It does not touch any file anywhere
else. The config files are available under /usr/local/apache/conf,
the binaries under /usr/local/apache/bin and the default cgi and
html is also under /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin, /usr/local/apache/html
and logs under /usr/local/apache/logs.

The rpm install that comes with RedHat, which I am assuming you have
on your system does not use this directory at all. It uses
for the config files, and /var/log for the logs and the binaries
are in /usr/sbin. 

So my guess is that you should be fine !

Enjoy !

ron parker wrote:
> I need some help understanding the correct procedure for replacing an
> existing rpm install with  apache_1.3.6.tar.gz. I have a web with some
> ~/user webs that are being served and don't want to pull these down
> until I've got the new server configured and working.
> Is it feasible to have both versions installed without creating a
> nightmare. I know this question is terribly general but it's all pretty
> new to me. I guess if they both share the same directory tree then it's
> not possible because I would have to overwrite existing files. I intend
> to install the source to /usr/local/ so I am hopeful that the entire
> directory tree will follow suit under usr/local.
> The reason I am doing this is because I need to build a secure server
> and it appears to me that once the source is built, it will be easier to
> deal with adding modules to the source build than to the rpm. At least
> I've been able to find help files that refer to working with source
> configurations. Maybe I am in the weeds on this thought. If anyone has
> some URLs for me to check, please fire them my way.
> Thanks much for any suggestions.
> ron parker
> Mi-Recordz
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