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is sendmail safe?

My computer got another port scan / possible attack. To the outside world,
everything is denied but smtp and web, but I log all attempts to use imap
and telnet. My logs show that this ip address tried lots of attempts to
imap and telnet. Also a syn to 1114, which I think was just a random port
scan. Then I noticed that Sendmail gave me this messages:

maillog:May  8 14:15:46 pclueyb sendmail[24808]: NOQUEUE: Null connection
from IDENT:root@[]
maillog:May  8 14:15:58 pclueyb sendmail[24810]: NOQUEUE: []:
expn root                   

What does that mean? Also is sendmail-8.9.3-10 (rh 6.0 default) safe, or
should I look into something else?

Ben Luey
ICQ: 19144397

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