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Re: [TCLUG:5929] CD Burners & Linux

On Mon, 10 May 1999, Scott K. Johnson wrote:

> Anyone have any recommendations for burners that work well with Linux?
> (RedHat 5.2 to be specific...).

I have an HP 8200i. It works quite well.

> IDE or SCSI?

The model I have is IDE. The only trouble with using an IDE burner is that
in my case I have to compile a kernel with SCSI emulation. I use xcdroast
to make my CDs, and it doesn't support the IDE devices. It works great
with the emulation though. Actually, I've been having trouble with
xcdroast under RedHat 6.0. I was wondering if it was broken by the
glibc2.1 that RH is using. I tried compiling my own, but that doesn't work
either. It runs, but hangs whenever you try to do anything more than poke
around in the menus.

Assuming that I can get it working with RH6, xcdroast is very good. I
suppose SCSI is less trouble, but I'm not sure if the cost previum is
worth it in this case.

> Also, if anyone has any input on digital cameras, that would be
> appreciated also...

I've used the Sony Mavica quite a bit. It's got a built-in 3.5" drive.
Makes it very easy to get the pictures onto a web site or your HD.

Good luck.


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