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Unix & Linux

Hii everybody.......

Actually what i'm trying to do know is to make a simple script file in IBM
AIX unix system to ping 2 server (A & B)  outside of my network to check
whether this server is up or not & give some acknowledment in audio. This
server can be ping through our database server only (IBM AIX). It is
because the router to A & B has been set to do filtering that only IP from
our database server can go through.

 The problem now is I'm using Windows 95 & I'm using telnet to my database
server   from my office...... and the script can run well except I dont
know how to set the audio to give some acknowledgement to those Windows
95? there any library that I should inlude in my script? Can Linux
do this ? Is there any way that more easier to do ??

TQ very much 

enc: my script