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RE: [TCLUG:5944] Unix & Linux

I'm going to give my standard response, which you've all heard before, and
suggest that you consider loading the freeware tool Big Brother on the IBM
AIX box, and use it to monitor server A and B.  By default it can give you
acknowledgments via e-mail, pager, and color changes on a web page.  Since
it's written entirely in sh with a little bit in C, it is flexible enough
that you can modify it to produce audio output.  Maybe you could make the
web page whoop when a server goes down, though that would be awfully
annoying after a while.

BB is available at .  As long as you have a C
compiler on your AIX box, you're set to go.

Much easier than writing your own tool for this simple task.

Carl Patten
Systems Administrator
Trimodal Inc.

> Hi everybody.......
> Actually what i'm trying to do know is to make a simple script file in IBM
> AIX unix system to ping 2 server (A & B)  outside of my network to check
> whether this server is up or not & give some acknowledgment in audio. This
> server can be ping through our database server only (IBM AIX). It is
> because the router to A & B has been set to do filtering that only IP from
> our database server can go through.
>  The problem now is I'm using Windows 95 & I'm using telnet to my database
> server   from my office...... and the script can run well except I dont
> know how to set the audio to give some acknowledgement to those Windows
> 95? there any library that I should inlude in my script? Can Linux
> do this ? Is there any way that more easier to do ??
> TQ very much
> Hairie
> enc: my script