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Re: [TCLUG:5925] SuSE 6.0 and DSL

Daniel Mahler wrote:

  I have a Megabits account with USWEST, using DHCP.
  I can access it fine under Win98.
  Under Linux I cannot even ping machines using their IP number.
  "ifconfig" tells me that eth0 is configured properly by dhclient
  which has given it the same IP address as it had under win98.
  SuSE support are as baffled as I am.
  Anyone seen anything similar.
  I have a 3c905b NIC and Cisco 675 ADSL.

>3c905b NIC's have had a number of problems with Linux.  Do you have any way to verify that
>the NIC is working correctly?

I have done tcpdump under Linux, and there is packet traffic.
However there seem to be packets coming in out of sequence.
In my /var/log/messages I get messages like

Mar 25 01:45:41 socrates dhclient: DHCPNAK in wrong transaction.
Mar 25 01:46:26 socrates dhclient: DHCPACK in wrong transaction.

It does work under Win98.
I can send the various tcpdumps and the /var/log/messages
to people individually.