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Re: [TCLUG:5929] CD Burners & Linux

I just recently bought a burner.  After alot of research I decided to go
with Plextor RW 4/2/20 (4 write, 2 rewrite, 20 read) SCSI.  From what I
read on the newsgroups, SCSI was the most reliable and the Plextor (all
they make is SCSI) had a good reputation.  I've burned CD's while
compiling a kernel, moving huge directories around on my IDE hard drive
(which the CDRW reads images off of when writing) and otherwise taxing
my P5-233.  No problems.  

I hooked it up to Adaptec 2940UW PCI SCSI card, compiled a kernel to
support the card, and presto everything worked.  I was burning CD's
shortly after installing the hardware.  It really pays to do your
research before you buy hardware, especially if you plan to use it with
linux.  The money I spend on the SCSI card and burner was worth it to me
in the headache I saved trying to get this new hardware working with
Linux.  Plus, now I can add more devices on that SCSI card...

I use X-CD-Roast under Redhat 5.2:
	cdrecord-1.8a17-2		from RH contribs site
	mkisofs-1.12b4-1		from RH contribs site
	xcdroast-0.96e-1.i386.rh52.rpm	from

the xcdroast rpm that was in redhat contribs directory gave tcl error
messages when I tried to start it and I have tcl installed.  A guy I
work with had the same experience.  Above package worked flawlessly for
both of us.

I checked, but actually found mine cheaper at

Other tidbits:
- RW cd's are only readable on RW burners, DVD drives.  This makes the
RW disks good for system backups.
- helpful newsgroups:
- get a burner with a good fan on the drive, because heat kills.
- The plextor has a 2MB buffer, most IDE drives have only 1MB.

I'd definitely recommend the plextor if you decide to go scsi.
Scot W. Jenkins