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Re: [TCLUG:6164] memory

I don't know if this applies to distros other than Red Hat, I imagine it
does because lilo is the default linux loader.

At the lilo prompt, during boot
LILO: linux mem=48M

After boot (will confirm whether new setting took or not):

If so, add append="mem=48" to /etc/lilo.conf

This info is from pg. 336 of Red Hat 5.2 Linux Installation Guide.

Good luck!

David Christian wrote:
> I have an old compaq box that's working as an internal web server at work.
> Although the bios recognizes that it has 48 megs of RAM in it, Linux seems
> convinced that it only has 16.
> The 16 were actually built in, and 32 extra megs were apparently added on
> later...anybody have any idea why Linux wouldn't recognize this memory, or
> where I can find out?
> Thanks,
> Dave
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