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FW: RH 6.0

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From:	Barnholtz, Brian 
Sent:	Monday, May 24, 1999 12:20 PM
To:	''
Subject:	RH 6.0

I just received my Red Hat 6.0 disc from Cheap Bytes.  When I go to
install the disc, everything works until the rpm's are installed, then
hdc looses its interrupt.  HDC is my cdrom.   While going through the
consoles I noticed that the autoprobe for IDE drives has a 12x Atapi
CDROM Driver loaded.  This is the new revised ver 2.54 Atapi Driver.  I
have had no problem with the Red Hat 5.2 loading, just RH 6.0.  I was
able to get it to work by re-installing RH 5.2 and adding a partition on
my hdb4 and copy the RH 6.0 base and rpms to hdb4.  Then install via
hard drive.  When I mount the cdrom under RH 6.0 it works for a couple
of minutes then I get the error hdc lost its interrupt, and the system
hangs.  I believe the problem is with the new revised atapi ide cdrom
driver is not compatible with my cdrom. (???) .  Any Ideas.