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Re: [TCLUG:6179] RH6.0 install

I've had that happen with a RedHat 5.2 installation.  The problem was due
to a bad CDR image.  I repeated the problem on three different machines,
so it must have been the CDR.  I also found that I was unable to boot from
the CDR.

I found a workaround.  The first time through the installation, tell it
you want to format your partitions.  Then when it fails you can start
over.  This time tell it _not_ to format your partitions, and you won't
have that problem at the end of the install.  But, you still want it to
create your swap space for you.  If you say no to that question, it won't
use your swap space at all.  At least that's how RedHat 5.2 worked.  The
best fix would be to get a good copy of the CD. 

I think the problem is due to inferior CDR burner software on a coworker's
Windows NT box.  I burned another copy of the same CD on a Mac, and it
worked well.


On Wed, 26 May 1999, Perry Hoekstra wrote:

> Greet the sun all,
> I am trying to install RH6.0 on my box at work and I am getting a weird error:
> Mount failed
> Invalid Arguement
> This occurs after the partitions have been formatted. I have never run into
> this before on an RH install (started with 4.x) and the RH6.0 installation
> went fine on two boxes at home.
> The following mount points were defined:
> /
> /usr
> /opt
> /var
> swap
> The box is a generic ASUS P2B-F with a Pent II/400  I have a single WD IDE
> drive and a Adaptec 2940 to run my CDR drive.
> Any clues?  
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