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Re: [TCLUG:16281] Linux 2.2.5-15 and 1024Gb of RAM

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Daniel Taylor wrote:

> First: even with 2.2.5 the "mem=" option from the boot: 
> prompt should have worked.  If you are trying to do
> it from within lilo.conf it is options="mem=XXXM".
> If this failed it means that it may have been *patched out* 
> of the build you have for mysterious reasons.
> There have been a variety of memory detection changes.
> I would personally try 2.2.14(or .15 if it is out) and
> boot from disk or a "test" boot image in lilo.
> If that fails utterly try a current 2.3/4 kernel in the same
> way, the newest kernels have multiple methods of detecting
> memory. There have been a few systems that simply do not 
> report their memory in a way that older kernels can understand.
> Daniel Taylor

The older 2.2.x series only supported 960mb... it's a known issue they
fixed in the newer releases.

nate carlson
the infinite loop