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PCMCIA nfs install

OK, so there are too many computers and network cables all over the
living room and dining room table.  You've all been there.

I have a Toshiba Satellite 100 75MHz Pentium that I'm trying to install
on.  I do not have a CD-ROM in the machine.  I went and got a little
D-Link PCMCIA 10baseT card for it, 'cause that's how it's going to end up
hooked up.  The PCMCIA page says it's supported under the pcnet_cs driver,
which seems to be true, because the lights on it's dangly jack go on when
PCMCIA support is loaded.

Here's my problem:  I want to use it to do an nfs install.  I've dug out 3
or 4 distributions, and the trouble I get (mostly RedHat and Mandrake) is
that they won't find the network card when they ask me which driver to
use.  I assume that it's the NE2000 compatible driver, since that's what
it says in the docs.

Any advice on how to get an install set talking to it?


Phil M

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It has real and imaginary components.