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Re: [TCLUG:16300] extended ascii characters

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Timothy Wilson wrote:

> What's the best way to access the extended ascii characters such as accented
> vowels from a regular xterm. I need to type some French words, and I want
> them to look right.

From an xterm I dunno. It depends on what program is running within said
xterm. por ejemplo, pine doesn't accept accented chars at all. jmacs does
strange things to them and prints in inverse text. tcsh will ignore
them. emacs looks at you funny (w/in an xterm, not managing its own

In short, don't use xterm if you have to write in other languages ;p

I modified my xmodmap so that I can type in most western european
languages easily (german and spanish being my most important ones). I use
XEmacs to edit foreign-language stuff (^_ command in pine helps a *lot*
when I e-mail my german friends).

My xmodmap is included for reference. xkeycaps is your friend :)

Pacem in Terris / Mir / Shanti / Salaam / Heiwa
Kevin R. Bullock
! This is an `xmodmap' input file for Digital PCXAL (XFree86; US) keyboards.
! Automatically generated on Tue Oct 26 11:16:11 1999 by kbullock with
! XKeyCaps 2.45; Copyright (c) 1999 Jamie Zawinski <>.
! This file makes the following changes:
! The "~ `" key generates grave, asciitilde, dead_grave, and dead_tilde
! The "! 1" key generates 1, exclam, and exclamdown
! The "$ 4" key generates 4, dollar, and sterling
! The "^ 6" key generates 6, asciicircum, and dead_circumflex
! The ") 0" key generates 0, parenright, degree, and dead_abovering
! The "_ -" key generates minus, underscore, and dead_macron
! The "+ =" key generates equal, plus, dead_cedilla, and dead_ogonek
! The "Q" key generates q, Q, and at
! The "R" key generates r, R, and registered
! The "T" key generates t, T, thorn, and THORN
! The "Y" key generates y, Y, and yen
! The "U" key generates u, U, udiaeresis, and Udiaeresis
! The "O" key generates o, O, odiaeresis, and Odiaeresis
! The "P" key generates p, P, and paragraph
! The "} ]" key generates bracketright, braceright, and dead_macron
! The "| \" key generates backslash, bar, dead_grave, and dead_breve
! The "A" key generates a, A, adiaeresis, and Adiaeresis
! The "S" key generates s, S, ssharp, and section
! The "D" key generates d, D, eth, and ETH
! The "F" key generates f, F, and ordfeminine
! The "G" key generates g, G, eng, and ENG
! The ": ;" key generates semicolon, colon, and dead_doubleacute
! The "" '" key generates apostrophe, quotedbl, dead_acute, and dead_diaeresis
! The "Z" key generates z, Z, guillemotleft, and less
! The "X" key generates x, X, guillemotright, and greater
! The "C" key generates c, C, ccedilla, and Ccedilla
! The "V" key generates v, V, and leftdoublequotemark
! The "B" key generates b, B, and rightdoublequotemark
! The "N" key generates n, N, ntilde, and Ntilde
! The "M" key generates m, M, mu, and masculine
! The "< ," key generates comma, less, and multiply
! The "> ." key generates period, greater, periodcentered, and division
! The "? /" key generates slash, question, and questiondown
! The "Alt" key generates Meta_L
! The "Alt" key generates Mode_switch, and the Mod3 modifier

keycode 0x09 =	Escape
keycode 0x43 =	F1
keycode 0x44 =	F2
keycode 0x45 =	F3
keycode 0x46 =	F4
keycode 0x47 =	F5
keycode 0x48 =	F6
keycode 0x49 =	F7
keycode 0x4A =	F8
keycode 0x4B =	F9
keycode 0x4C =	F10
keycode 0x5F =	F11
keycode 0x60 =	F12
keycode 0x6F =	Print		Execute
keycode 0x4E =	Scroll_Lock
keycode 0x6E =	Pause		Break
keycode 0x31 =	grave		asciitilde	dead_grave	dead_tilde
keycode 0x0A =	1		exclam		exclamdown
keycode 0x0B =	2		at
keycode 0x0C =	3		numbersign
keycode 0x0D =	4		dollar		sterling
keycode 0x0E =	5		percent
keycode 0x0F =	6		asciicircum	dead_circumflex
keycode 0x10 =	7		ampersand
keycode 0x11 =	8		asterisk
keycode 0x12 =	9		parenleft
keycode 0x13 =	0		parenright	degree		dead_abovering
keycode 0x14 =	minus		underscore	dead_macron
keycode 0x15 =	equal		plus		dead_cedilla	dead_ogonek
keycode 0x16 =	BackSpace
keycode 0x6A =	Insert
keycode 0x61 =	Home
keycode 0x63 =	Prior
keycode 0x4D =	Num_Lock	Pointer_EnableKeys
keycode 0x70 =	KP_Divide
keycode 0x3F =	KP_Multiply
keycode 0x52 =	KP_Subtract
keycode 0x17 =	Tab		ISO_Left_Tab
keycode 0x18 =	q		Q		at
keycode 0x19 =	w		W
keycode 0x1A =	e		E
keycode 0x1B =	r		R		registered
keycode 0x1C =	t		T		thorn		THORN
keycode 0x1D =	y		Y		yen
keycode 0x1E =	u		U		udiaeresis	Udiaeresis
keycode 0x1F =	i		I
keycode 0x20 =	o		O		odiaeresis	Odiaeresis
keycode 0x21 =	p		P		paragraph
keycode 0x22 =	bracketleft	braceleft
keycode 0x23 =	bracketright	braceright	dead_macron
keycode 0x33 =	backslash	bar		dead_grave	dead_breve
keycode 0x6B =	Delete
keycode 0x67 =	End
keycode 0x69 =	Next
keycode 0x4F =	KP_Home		KP_7
keycode 0x50 =	KP_Up		KP_8
keycode 0x51 =	KP_Prior	KP_9
keycode 0x56 =	KP_Add
keycode 0x42 =	Caps_Lock
keycode 0x26 =	a		A		adiaeresis	Adiaeresis
keycode 0x27 =	s		S		ssharp		section
keycode 0x28 =	d		D		eth		ETH
keycode 0x29 =	f		F		ordfeminine
keycode 0x2A =	g		G		eng		ENG
keycode 0x2B =	h		H
keycode 0x2C =	j		J
keycode 0x2D =	k		K
keycode 0x2E =	l		L
keycode 0x2F =	semicolon	colon		dead_doubleacute
keycode 0x30 =	apostrophe	quotedbl	dead_acute	dead_diaeresis
keycode 0x24 =	Return
keycode 0x53 =	KP_Left		KP_4
keycode 0x54 =	KP_Begin	KP_5
keycode 0x55 =	KP_Right	KP_6
keycode 0x32 =	Shift_L
keycode 0x34 =	z		Z		guillemotleft	less
keycode 0x35 =	x		X		guillemotright	greater
keycode 0x36 =	c		C		ccedilla	Ccedilla
keycode 0x37 =	v		V		leftdoublequotemark
keycode 0x38 =	b		B		rightdoublequotemark
keycode 0x39 =	n		N		ntilde		Ntilde
keycode 0x3A =	m		M		mu		masculine
keycode 0x3B =	comma		less		multiply
keycode 0x3C =	period		greater		periodcentered	division
keycode 0x3D =	slash		question	questiondown
keycode 0x3E =	Shift_R
keycode 0x62 =	Up
keycode 0x57 =	KP_End		KP_1
keycode 0x58 =	KP_Down		KP_2
keycode 0x59 =	KP_Next		KP_3
keycode 0x6C =	KP_Enter
keycode 0x25 =	Control_L
keycode 0x40 =	Meta_L
keycode 0x41 =	space
keycode 0x71 =	Mode_switch
keycode 0x6D =	Control_R
keycode 0x64 =	Left
keycode 0x68 =	Down
keycode 0x66 =	Right
keycode 0x5A =	KP_Insert	KP_0
keycode 0x5B =	KP_Delete	KP_Decimal

clear Shift
clear Lock
clear Control
clear Mod1
clear Mod2
clear Mod3
clear Mod4
clear Mod5

add    Shift   = Shift_L Shift_R
add    Lock    = Caps_Lock
add    Control = Control_L Control_R
add    Mod1    = Meta_L Meta_L
add    Mod2    = Num_Lock
add    Mod3    = Mode_switch
add    Mod5    = Scroll_Lock