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RE: [TCLUG:16324] scavenging laptops

I'll take whatever you would give me for a Mitsumi 4x IDE CDROM and a few
NIC's 3com and Keniston I even have an older Soundblaster IDE CDROM though I
think it only works with the soundcard IDE (I could be wrong, someone
correct me)

4 - 486(33SX?) Thinkpads, 4MB, 500MB(?) - bad screens, usually manifested
as regular vertical black lines across the bottom half of the screen. I'm
guessing it's a video hardware problem. they're readble if you need
to; but not pretty to look at.
1 - 486(33SX?) Thinkpad, 4MB, 500MB(?) - cracked case, probably won't work
on battery power.
2 - (mostly dead) Thinkpad 486s - one won't boot, other's screen has no

3 power supplies for all of the above. may be able to scavenge more power
supplies, memory, and get some batteries. 

1 - Thinkpad 350 (486/something), DC plug is bad, needs to be held down in
order to work (tape it?). it does have a battery tho, and I think the screen
is OK.

1 - Thinkpad 365 (486/something), 8MB - bad screen - no power supply for
it at this time. (it's a 16v)

1 - Packard Hell Statesman 286, 4MB. color screen (dim). battery and power
1 - IBM PS/2-L40 286 - dunno if it works, no power suppy, but have battery
and charger.