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Re: [TCLUG:16795] multi-head Indys?

Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom writes:
>         I don't suppose it's possible to take the vid board and monitor from
> one Indy, put it into another (along with the original equipment) and, and
> run dual-head?
>         I'd guess it's not possible to run one 8-bit framebuffer & one
> 24-bit frambuffer.

I ran a dual-head Indy a couple of years ago.  I don't remember much,
except that 1) it was a special 8-bit graphics card for the second head,
and 2) I had to get a motherboard upgrade to get it to work.  I think
it had worked on earlier Indy's too, but at some point it broke.  It
might have been the first rev of R5K Indy's that it didn't work.  Anyway,
just be warned that there can be some gotchas.

I've passed on the dual-head recently, since WindowMaker's workspaces
satisify some of what a dual-head did for me.  I haven't been writing code
lately, though.  For writing code, a dual-head can be *really* nice.
A header file here, a header file there, a couple of code windows,
build output window, a couple of cscope windows, ...

John Hesterberg			email:
Technical Lead, HPC Linux	phone:	651-683-5879