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Subject: Re: [TCLUG:15409] Orb scsi drives

On Fri, 31 Mar 2000, Ron Parker wrote:

> Han anybody got experience or insite into the quality / dependability of
> the Orb drives? The Orb is a $200.00 external scsi device that utilizes
> 3.2 gig removeable cartridges which cost around $30.00.

I suppose I should add here that my friend's Orb worked quite crappily,
and Orb treated him crappily in trying to get it replaced, and then get
his money back.

But I should also note that that particular computer had the power supply
replaced twice, the hard drive twice, the motherboard four times, ...

MicroCenter treated him like crap too. But he got an in-store credit out
of them and is selling his new Coppermine system on eBay to build himself
a new box. :)

Pacem in Terris / Mir / Shanti / Salaam / Heiwa
Kevin R. Bullock

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