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Re: [TCLUG:15425] Laptops that run Win98 and Linux

I have a Sony Viao PIII600 that is great for both Win and Linux. Came
already partionined with a 7 gig win partion with windows on it and had a 5
gig partion with nothing on it, so I all I had to do is install Linux on
that 5 gig and do nothing else. It has the capiablities for 2 battieries.
Has 2 pcmicia slots. 15 in screen. Has a serial port as well as PS/2. Has a
infrared ILInk network card so I had to purchase an ethernet. The only
problem is the modem is internal PCI and is not detected under linux and
I have never gotten, or spent much time trying, to get a PCI modem working
under linux. I like it, but it also needs more RAM, only came with 64mb.
Also, the thing is pretty spendy.

Troy Johnson wrote:

> Dear *LUG People,
> I need to buy some laptops that will be running Win98 initially, but
> should (IMO) be running Linux eventually. With those things in mind, are
> there any suggestions?
> Troy
> P.S. - Here is the (almost self cancelling) list of options that are
> important to the users:
> Modem (or PCMCIA card slot)
> Long Battery Life
> Large Screen Size
> Light Weight
> Ability to connect 10-Key pad (serial port)
> Ability to connect Mouse (PS/2 port or additional serial)
> Network (or PCMCIA card slot)
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