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Re: [TCLUG:21093] Sony Vaio and System Recovery CDs

I would guess you might be safe. Since the Win2K Setup won't recognize a ext2 partition you should be able to partition, install linux and then "recover" Win2K to the remaining partition. One thing you might want to do is create the Win2K "target" as a FAT32 partition and format it. That way it'll find a valid, empty partition to install to. 

[Note: This is a speculation. I have not installed Win2K or attempted recovery on a Sony Laptop. Use suggestions at your own risk! 8^)]


On Thu, 07 September 2000, Bob Tanner wrote:

> I just got a lovely new Sony Vaio laptop and I want to wipe W2K and install
> linux. But I want to keep a small part of W2K so I can watch DVDs on my box. :-)
> But all the drivers are on the System Recovery CD.
> Anyone know if the System Recovery CD will wipe everything?
> That is what happens with my Nec Versa when you use the recovery cd.
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