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Re: [TCLUG:21089] Right way to handle USB

I have had this problem in the past with other devices (like sound;
/dev/dsp) and I just change the group to users (or some group that qualified
users have access to) and change permissions if necessary to allow that
group. I believe this is the easiest way to do it as you will not ever have
to give anyone permissions that they should not need/have.

: I installed a 2.4.0 kernel with USB support last evening, and it seems to
: be working fine so far. However, after getting things set-up it was
: apparent that Joe User did not have rights to read & write the
: devices. The /dev/ttyUSBx devices are all owned by root, and the group
: To give Joe User access to the USB, I made him a member of group tty which
: worked fine. Also, chmod 766 /dev/ttyUSB* gave the same results, but
: obviously I did not have to add Joe User to group tty...
: So which is the correct way to do this? Should I be making random users
: members of group tty as needed, or should I just chmod the /dev/ttyUSBx to
: allow any user permission at any time? Is there any inherent risk to
: stability or security making random users members of group tty? IS there a
: risk by opening up the permissions to the /dev/ttyUSBx ?
: Thanks, Bill.
: PS Boy was I surprised to find the Handspring Visor driver built right in
: to 2.4.0, but still no ppSCSI drivers for things like the Trantor T-348
: etc... Thought that ppSCSI was merged with the development source?
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