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Re: Stormbringer is wimpy

In message <>, Mark Wedel writes:

> I don't know if there is any really good solution, unless you absolute
>want to require that items be of nonmagical origons.  However, what
>about some of the 'lesser' artifacts?  Lesser being ones that are created
>via the artifacts file.  If you have a club of sanwe, should that be

Why shouldn't people be able to start with magical weapons?  +4 isn't
really that strong on the scale of what is possible with the Enchant
Weapon suite of scrolls.  What should be checked for is not the + to magic
but rather all of those other things like immunties, +to stats....

>similar type of creatures.  However, this won't work for many artifacts,
>because they have no material type, and if an item has no material type,
>it is invulnerable to everything (bug or feature?)

I think of this as a feature.  Some artifacts should not be destructible.
I'd prefer that they had material type 256 (adamant), but 256 maps to
zero anyway for some reason.  Should a Holy Avenger weapon, invested
with the Puissance of the Gods, be vulnerable to mere earthly magic
and forces?

> Also, even for items that are created out of some material, they still
>get a saving throw, and if they have high enough pluses, they will never
>fail (it is not like D&D where a 1 always fails.  Here, if the item has
>enough pluses, it will succeed even on a 1.)

That's true.  Also a feature, not a bug, IMHO.  A +19 sword is magicked
enough that I'd expect nothing to be able to break it.