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Re: Scrolls and Books?

 There are two problem with once finding a scroll, you will always know
what is on future scrolls if they have the same spell type:

1) PRetty quickly, all scrolls would be effectively identified for

2)  In the player structure, all scroll types you have found previously
would need to be kept track of.

 As for figuring out what it is:  Unless additional flags are added
to objects (something like IDENTIFY_ATTEMPT_MADE), there would be
nothing preventing character from keep trying to identify it by picking
it up or whatever means is used to give taht chance.

 As for spellbooks:  Just apply them.  If you know that spell, the
book will become identified.  If not, you will try to learn it (so this
may not be a good strategy if you are stupid barbarian.)

 It might be interesting to add cursed spell books.  If you apply one
and know the spell, then it erases it from your memory...