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Re: Scrolls and Books?

In message <199409080057.AA20782@eden-valley>, "Rupert G. Goldie" writes:
>Chris Hooven wrote:
>> I think if you find a scroll and Identify it you should not have to indentif

How about this:  if you know the spell which is on the scroll, you know
what is on the scroll.  If not, it requires identification.  It *is* a great
pain to have to identify scrolls, which are of little value.

Better yet, since *anyone* can read magic scrolls, can we not simply assume
that they have a title written on top, and are thus automatically identified?
This is also a much easier hack than any other.

I never, never use scrolls in practice because of the irritating necessity
of identifying them.  Why don't we make it less of a hassle to use this
minor magic item?