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CF: Gods and spell paths

i was lloking at the list of gods at
and found that i saw some problems with the way some of them where designed.
some suggestions to be debated
Gnarg has as his race Goblin, Giant,Troll shouldn't he also have orc
Lythander has as enemy race Goblin, Troll shouldn't he have orc listed
Lythander is Vulnerable to his own Attack Type
Lythander is also Immune and Protected from his Attack Type
(suggestion for Lythander change Vulnerable from Confusion to Wounding, 
Missiles and adding Protection to Attuned)
Gaia is Vulnerable to her own Attack Type (suggest changing her Vulnerable 
to Poison, Disease)
Ruggilli is Vulnerable to Frost and Repelled by Frost (suggest he be denied 
Frost instead)
Mostrai has as an Enemy Race Goblin, Troll (suggest adding Orc)
Mostrai is Attuned to Creation, Transmutation, (suggest adding Information)

Here is another thing open for debate

Gorokh and Valriel are almost the same only differences:
they are both Attuned to the others Denied
Some differences in Avatar

Both are Immune to Fear and Confusion
Both are protected from Fear and Confusion
Both use Fear as Attack Type

These two are suppost to be enemies

Shouldn't we assign humans as enemies to someone maybe Devourers or Gorkh

Just some things to debate

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