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Re: CF: incompatible objects (was Re: Experiments)

On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Mark Wedel wrote:

> > What makes you think you have to kill every monster?  :)  Why *should* you
> > be able to kill every monster?
>  Ok.  I'll give you that point.  But there are certainly cases where you see
> monsters that are immune almost everything (but a few attack types), but you are
> expected to kill it.
>  I think it is somewhat the case that the game is so much hack and slash that
> you get more in a mentality that you do need to kill everything.
>  I think at one point in the future, rewriting to be less hack and slash and
> more problem solving may help.  If people from early on start seeing that you
> need to keep people alive to get useful information/finish quests, I think that
> will help things out a bit.

That sounds very good to me... I've been playing around with making some of my
own maps. Most of them are based on solving puzzles/gathering clues rather
than going around killing everything. Just thought I'd mention it in case
anyone is interested in looking over my maps... I admit I'm not a very good
map designer, so I'd love to have some feedback (even if my maps aren't "good
enough" to be part of the standard distribution).


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